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Harry Hid It is an adventure as you have never read before. Follow Harry Strickland and his gang of thieves as they plan and pull off high stakes jobs. Harry keeps his crew together while dealing with law enforcement, other criminals, and the women in his life. You will hold your breath anticipating who will be caught, who will end up with who, and who will die!

​                            If that wasn't enough, there's more...

You can also get into the action if you choose. Harry hides most of the loot he and his boys manage to steal. Scattered throughout the book are clues to where he hides their money. You can easily enter the Harry Hid It contest to enter your solution to this mystery. The prize money starts at $5000 and can go as high as $500,000.

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What a great story!
It has only been work that kept me from reading it straight through. It was fun to see, feel, and sense the characters developing as the story progresses. Harry is a fun character to get to know.  When I started reading I was thinking...keep track of clues to where the money is...I stopped doing that about a third of the way through - it didn't matter anymore - I wanted to see how the characters handled their next situation. Dave W.

Harry Strickland fits right in with many of the series of books I have read or continue to read...MacDonald's Travis McGee...Child's Jack Reacher...Connelly's Harry Bosch. Great job JJ McKeever creating a character that will stand the test of time...even if I never figure out where the money and jewels are hiding.

Harry Hid It - a great read!!!!
I started the book on Monday and by Wednesday I am almost done!!! I cannot wait to finish because the suspense is killing me!!! I need to know how it all works out. I highly recommend buying this book. Well worth the read if you like mystery,

murder & mayhem!!! Kim

What a great read! I couldn't put this book down
I couldn't put this book down. The story flows so well and Harry is the bad guy you can't help but love! Amazon Customer

I had no idea how much I would LOVE Harry. GREAT BOOK, and I WILL SOLVE THIS MYSTERY if it kills me!
This book is a trip! It is exciting, and intricately written. I usually don't fall for the bad guy, but Harry is hard not to love. I am not sure if I picked up all of the clues, so I will read it again at least once more... I am determined to find where he hid it all. Not for kids... this is a mature book for people who like action and thrillers! I highly recommend the book. Enjoy!

Great summer read!
Harry Hid It is nonstop action from the first page. Having a hard time putting the book down. I would compare its addiction to watching Breaking Bad on demand and continuing all night watching all the episodes. Kenny W

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